Friday, March 07, 2008

NSO woes
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My usual routine for the first Friday of every month is to hear mass at Megamall.

Fridays happen to be D's off day from work. March is a very busy month for professors.

You think students have it tough?
Try checking and grading the final exams of 9 classes with an average of 50 students per class. I'm sure you will get migraines and sore eyes within minutes. So I knew D would be very busy and didn't force him to hear Mass with me. Yes I'm considerate and not demanding at all.

But the first order of the day for D was to hop over to NSO in the morning to get our birth certificates which we applied for two days ago (Tuesday). Since NSO, East Avenue is pretty close to his residence, he volunteered to get it.

I usually get to Megamall early so I can window shop before attending mass. Just as I was about to go to the 5th floor, my cellphone rang ... it was D.

Apparently, the clerk at NSO won't release my birth certificate to him unless he produced an authorization letter with my valid ID.

This is the baffling part.

How come last year when he went to pick up the CENOMAR, he wasn't required to produce an authorization letter with my ID? But for birth certificates, they suddenly imposed such a ruling. Huh? Ang labo!

To make the long story short. I heard mass first then met D for lunch and we made our way to the NSO before the 4pm closing time. So this meant wasting precious time just to accommodate this inconvenience.

But the positive thing is I got to spend some unexpected quality time with D. And in my book that definitely outweighs the hassle, the trouble and the fatigue! =)

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