Friday, March 07, 2008

Shopping news
For a future bride to be whose free time is rather limited, it would be so convenient for me to simply go to one website and do all my shopping online. In the US, black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving when stores offer huge discounts. It is also a day when most people line up at stores as early as 5am to be among the first consumers to get their hands on discounted merchandise.

A comprehensive website provides complete information of Black Friday news as well as list the stores where you can save money for your early holiday shopping. It saves you the hassl waking up early to queue in zero degree climate to be among the first to make your purchase. You can get email alerts when new black friday ads are posted to the site. The stores list their items and their prices. You simply click on the items and you are taken to the merchant's website where you get complete information on the items.

My inner homebody self would love to get my hands on merchandise from such stores as Ace Hardware, Linens 'n Things and The Home Depot to name a few.

Everything I would need to furnish my conjugal home. But! Yes I know first I need to find a place. =)

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