Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PamperMe Time
I believe it is important for my sanity's sake, I don't lose myself in the process of preparing for my nuptials.
Let it not be said that since D and I are merely having a really small wedding, it isn't stressful as any other wedding arrangements. I figure it is equally as stressful if not more so since any 'imperfections' will be highlighted and more noticed by the small group of people in attendance.

To say I am stressed is an understatement because on top of being worried about the actual ceremony, I anticipate a number of scenarios which can occur during the wedding, the lunch even the honeymoon. Then my mind wanders further ahead to the married part so I worry ... worry and worry some more. I really don't get much sleep, my stomach is in knots. I feel my hypertension rising even when I am only sitting in front of the computer trying to find more opps. Since there seems to be none coming my way, surely my blood pressure is at an all time high.

Pffft alright that's enough. I'm sure you are going "yeah ... yeah alright Daph ... we know you are stressed. But do you have to make our BP rise too simply from reading your blog?

Hey, don't answer that question.

Where was I? Pamper me time, right!

I recently had my eyes refracted and yes my eyesight is still as blurry as a fog filled day. I converted an old Hugo Boss sunglasses black metallic frame into my prescription glasses, fitted with ultra thin lenses. I now feel I got the Lisa Loeb look going for me. Well if you don't know who she is ... well google her.
I like this new look of mine so much I even went to Palm Sunday mass wearing them. Isn't that something? Me going out in public wearing glasses. Gasp!

Today I went for waxing and my monthly hair treatment. My hair was shampooed, 2 inches were cut off, styled with soft layers, blow dried straight to last me till I take my shower tomorrow morning. My head feels lighter, my hair is straighter (for now), my vision is much clearer, my stomach was filled with my comfort food (yes Pho Hoa yet again!) - it feels great to be pampered.

I wish I can freeze frame this moment, lock it in some vault so I can just retrieve it each time I get frustrated with worrisome concerns.

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