Wednesday, April 23, 2008

10 Questions for D
D doesn't read my blog because I won't let him, period! These are his answers to your questions. Some are questions I myself have asked him when we first starting dating. The rest I managed to sneak them in during our phone conversation these past few days. Thanks for participating in my little game, I truly appreciate it.

1) I know you guys met online but in that setting, what made you notice Daphne "across a crowded room" so to speak? Naks! Panaderos
Her beautiful sounding name 'Daphne Laura' piqued my interest

2)I love q & a's! ok here's my question for D:
what attracted you most to Daphne? Ms Firefly
She immediately put me at ease even though it was our first time to meet for real. I was a bit shy and nervous but it felt like we had known each other for a long time.

3) Uh... where's the bar? Just kidding... :-D I won't ask anything actually, I respect a person's right to privacy. Unless of course, we've already had a couple of San Miguel, haha. Snglguy
*Daphne* says what bar? The ticker counter? I doubt you and D would get to share a couple of San Mig beer, he doesn't drink ;)

4) How did you know that Daphne is the one? Rach (Heart of Rachel)
I knew she was the one when I told her I had nothing to offer her but my surname and she didn't run away.

5) Hi D Here’s my question… what will you miss most about being single? Denden
Nothing at all. I have been single for a long time. I can't wait to share the rest of my life with Daphne.

6) Wow! Counting the days down huh? Congrats and all the best! Q: How many kids do you want to have? And when? on the spot ba? Leah
Daphne wants to wait till next year. Me I always joke that I want 1 but triplets na kaagad. I will respect her decision.

7) what do you love most about Daphne? Girlie
She is a sweet nurturing person who is very understanding. Even if I show up late for most of our dates, she still has a smile on her face and doesn't berate me.

8) What about Daphne makes you feel most alive? Toni
Her mere presence.

9) D, if Robert Redford offered you.... hehe. just kidding. seriously, my real question would be: how did you tell Daphne that you wanted to have a serious relationship with her? how did she respond? Did she say, "Ditto" or "Me, too"? hehe. hope that's not too personal. Wil
We had gone out a few times, talked over the phone every night. She was the one who first held my hand. At first I thought she accidentally touched it when we were crossing the street but she kept holding on. That night over the phone, she asked me point blank 'tayo na ba?' I said 'oo naman'. We both giggled when I told her she was being too direct. But it just felt right.

10) What foods are you going to cook for Daphne? When can I be invited? Toe
I cook mostly fish with vegetables on the side. Dishes like paksiw, fried tanigue, sinigang na bangus, ampalaya with ground beef. Food which unfortunately Daphne doesn't eat. But I am willing to compromise and cook other dishes for her like chicken tinola, nilaga beef and pork sinigang. Although she sort of promised she's willing to eat anything I cook. Maybe I can finally convince her to eat paksiw! We'll see.

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