Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let's play a little game!
One of the loveliest Filipino marriage traditions is the despedida de soltera, farewell to the single life. As the Spanish gender clearly indicates it is a feminine leave-taking: the send-off dinner for the daughter of the house by her family close to the wedding date. To the despedida de soltera are invited the family of the groom, close relatives and close friends of both the bride and the groom. Sometime before the wedding there must have been an occasion for the relatives from both sides to meet and to know one another, at least enough not to be total strangers at the wedding and at the reception. Both families might have already extended invitations to each other for this purpose. If there has been no previous opportunity, the despedida may serve as the formal introduction of the two families or clans to each other. (

Yesterday my parents hosted a despedida de soltera at a restaurant. The lively group included my parents, my sister, D & me. Also present were my male cousin # 1 and his spouse, their 2 year old son. My male cousin # 2 going solo. Our Ninang # 1, her spouse and son. Unfortunately, Ninong # 1 is still recuperating from some medical procedure. Ninang # 2 lives abroad. Something came up so Ninong # 2 and family couldn't make it. D's family are all in the US and they are unable to make the trip. Naturally all sorts of questions were thrown left and right. Querying minds wanted to know details, details and more details. From how we met, who would be next to get hitched, where we would be honeymooning to where we will be living as a married couple and even how much is the rent to our new place.
The small but intimate group had a great time just updating each other on the latest developments in their respective lives, reminiscing about past family reunions, the usual merry banter. It was a happy fun filled lunch and the perfect occasion to introduce my fiance to my dearest and closest relatives. We all had a great time.

Now let's pretend you just happen to be invited to my despedida de soltera. It is your first time to lay your sight on D's charming presence. What would you quiz him about? Kindly leave your questions in the comment section. I will post the replies in my next entry. Please don't ask me very personal questions because I just might answer this is a PG rated blog.

Game! =)

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