Friday, April 18, 2008


Things have been hectic as expected. Nowadays our main focus has been on our apartment. We have turned into DIYers (Do it yourself ers).
It is amazing how we still find the energy to do things in the house even though we have practically shed enough sweat to flood a small village. OK correction not 'we' but I, being the one with the most active sweat glands present in a human being has perspired like crazy.

But it is fun, really. Yesterday, we spent the day painting the cabinets blue (my fave color). I did the first coating but only up to the part which I could reach because I'm such a shortie then he finished it up. Talking about our future. Peppering our conversation with peals of laughter, goofing around. Feeding each other snacks and drinks. It was a sweet labour of love.

The whole apartment though is still in disarray. We still got tons of DIY work to do. It helps that I am handy with 'housework' so I can help D fix things. In fact I can fairly say I've impressed him enough with my skills. I meant my mechanical and technical skills. I can assemble electric fans, furniture from scratch. Yes, I'm boasting! Having said that I am equally impressed with his practical sense in fixing a house. So this early it has been an eye opening discovery of each other's capabilities vis a vis setting up a small yet cozy household.
It has been wonderful so far. I'm happy. He's ecstatic. Things are progressing as planned and on schedule. We have totally immersed ourselves into turning our house into a home.

Never mind that we hit a few snags with the wedding preps.
My gown which I was supposed to fit April 15 'accidentally' got transferred to the designer's other shop all the way in Taytay. I've no idea how it looks on me.
We are still waiting for the church to schedule our canonical interview. When we submitted our marriage license, I was under the impression I could pick the date but it is the other way around.
The church still doesn't have the name of the officiating priest which I need so I can get the misalettes printed. The production time is 5 - 7 days and we are running out of time!
I still don't have a reliable make up artist to make my wavy hair straight and to stuff my face with make up so I will look photogenic for my nuptials.
Despite these snags I can still joke about it and told D, my parents and my sister that's it - I knew I would get married dressed in jeans, my hair in a pony tail and merely black eyeliner and lipstick on my face!
D was totally amused, my parents didn't find it funny and my sister was aghast! So based on those different reactions, you see why D and I get along so well.

But I do want to thank my parents and my sister for being oh so very very supportive in helping D and I make our house a truly homey place. Their unconditional love and support drive tears to my eyes. I promised myself I won't cry as I embark on this emotional yet fulfilling journey. But unfortunately or fortunately I've already broken my promise several times during the past few days. =)

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