Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 weeks of married life
I can't believe it has been already 2 weeks. The wedding itself progressed without any hitches. It went by so fast, the only thing that proves I did get married is when I look at the pictures.

Speaking of pictures, our main photographer has gone AWOL so I haven't seen the 'official' photographs. Well truth be told, he was the one who got shocked because he is a co faculty/friend of D. D didn't want to inform the whole university where he teaches that he was getting married so he tricked B his friend who dabbles in photography that his niece was getting married so when B showed up and saw D in a barong and he was informed that we were getting married, he was pleasantly pissed to be the last one to know. he he he I guess he is busy or something, we haven't heard from him. I joke around that B has developed the pictures and posted them all over the university as some act of revenge. :D

I did manage to see some pictures which my relatives took and dare I say I look like a blushing bride courtesy of Ed, my very reliable make up artist who made me look elegant in my simple chignon and my minimal make up. But if you want to see me you need to send me an email at daphnelaura at gmail dot com because I ain't posting them on this blog. Blah :D

Anyways So I know you are all asking me how does being married feel like?
It has been pretty hectic from the honeymoon (2 nights hotel stay) to ferrying mother in law to Quiapo (she is a fervent devotee) all the days she was here. Buying pasalubongs for in laws in the US and getting stranded waiting for a taxi during rainy days was a nightmare. Trying to get the apartment fixed and making it more livable is an exhausting task since we are suddenly faced with some major house issues like leaking pipes and blocked drainage. Getting used to sleeping with someone beside me on the bed is a major adjustment but quite pleasant too if you know what I'm implying. ;-)

But so far everything is still all peachy and rosy, things are pretty good. I can't ask for more since D is such a nurturing person, he knows major handy work so he is always pottering around the house as well as cooking for his spoiled bride. My contribution is to wash the dishes! Teehee.

My PC is still at my place and I still need to find time to transfer my things here in Project 8 but I will do so soon so I can get to more frequent blogging. So this is all for now.

Stay tuned!

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