Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's the eve of my special Day
The time has finally come. One day to go!
I will finally at long last be a Mrs. Yes I know it is 2 AM.
But I just finished packing. I've packed both for the pre-wedding stay.
As well as for my honeymoon. So brace yourself for that! Hehehe

The giveaways are all nicely wrapped.
The misalettes have been proof read.
My gown is in its garments bag.
My shoes is in a ziplock bag.
The namecards have been printed out.

What else?

At times like these (well it only happens once unless I get married
again or maybe renew my vows!) I wish I had more help.
BUT my sister has been sooo amazing. She practically did most of the stuff.
Me being such a scatter brain, I would lose my bearing.
I couldn't ask for more, really. Of course I realize she is doubly as tired as I am.
But I am glad and thank God for the best sister!
It helps that we are all so busy I don't get the opportunity to
think about living away from my family.
Especially my dearest sister except when I write these poignant posts.
Before I start crying while I type this entry, let me conclude.

I like to thank all of my blogger friends for tagging along through this journey.
You have been avid witnesses since this relationship started.
You cheered me on, endlessly. You encouraged me when times got rough.
So I feel like you are all a part of my valuable (blogger) family.
I am so grateful for having such a nice 'audience' who shared my joys,
my worries, my fears and my exciting moments .
Thanks for all the good wishes.

Special mention goes to my dear friend Pinky for the gift you sent.
I really appreciate it so much. Thanks!

So without further ado, I sign off my last post as a single person!

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