Saturday, May 10, 2008

The frustrating saga of a table(top)
Before we bought our new dining set, we canvassed around the different furniture shops as well as the furniture section of department stores. We had also measured the tiny space in my living room so we knew which size, shape to shop for. Plus of course we had a very specific budget in mind. I even had a tape measure ever present in my handbag so I could easily jot down the dimensions.

It wasn't long before we found a suitable one per all our specifications. I distinctly remember purchasing it (with my parents in tow since they generously paid for it) on the first Friday of this month, May 2. 2008. Our instructions were please deliver it the next day, Saturday. They said they will at any time between 1 PM to 5PM. We wrote D's home number plus his cellphone number but specifically told them to kindly text him because because our new place didn't have a land line yet. D also provided them with a sketch which he drew on the back of the delivery form.

Saturday morning, they arrived at 12:30 AM at the address provided. Good thing that D was already at our place to receive the 4 seater oak wood light brown dining set. Being such a meticulous person, he inspected and checked every nook and cranny of the item. He discovered a hollow scratch about 3 inches long on one of the legs of the table. The guys try to assuage him it was part of the design. But how can that be? When it was clearly discolored and looked more like somebody bleached that portion of the leg. So fine they agreed to come back, Monday for some retouching. I call D up to ask him about the table and he tells me about the 'defect' and so I deemed that it was just proper for us to request for a replacement instead of merely retouching the damaged part. I called the furniture shop, told them the problem and they agreed to replace merely the leg with the defect.

Monday morning D calls me to say that the guy didn't bring a replacement leg part but merely brought some varnish/polish to retouch the scratch. He didn't accept that since we had requested for a replacement of the leg. So on the report he wrote down, please replace the entire table na to avoid any confusion. We scheduled it for Thursday since we had a thousand things to attend to and couldn't wait idly around for them to get their act together.

Thursday comes, D texted me the guys from the furniture shop arrived earlier but "palpak na naman sila Hon, hulaan mo bakit" ("They messed up again Hon guess why")
"They brought chairs instead of the replacement for the table?" Wrong!
"They insist on merely retouching/varnishing the damaged part?" Wrong!
"They brought the wrong table?" Strike 3 Still wrong!
D was having fun, teasing me when I was running out of patience and kept asking him what was the fiasco, this time.
D blurts out "They brought only the tabletop NO legs" hahahaha That was so funny in an irritating way, I burst out laughing while I was inside the comfort room emptying my bladder. Of course I told my parents and sister about it and they were fuming. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could D when I talked to him over the phone.

Now if that isn't the height of inefficiency I don't know what it is. Lack of coordination between their central office and their warehouse staff, plain stupidity, no follow up report or they are really messed up they can't get a simple request right not once, not twice not even thrice!

In the meantime, we wasted like almost a week just waiting for them to get things right instead of attending to more pressing matters. It was so frustrating for me. D amidst all these guffaws can still shrug his shoulders and laugh about it. I was ready to hurl invectives at their office manager and their warehouse manager for not properly checking an item which was paid in full by a customer before they deliver it to its destination. I even wanted to call DTI to complain about bad service. Or report them to the stupidity police (if such an agency existed!) but D told me it was useless stressing out over an already stressful situation.

Latest update: Finally today, they got their senses back and replaced the damaged leg part and it took only 3 short minutes to do something they should have done a week ago!!!

No wonder my blood pressure levels are at an all time high, these day.

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