Friday, May 09, 2008

6 days to go!
A few days after the parish priest aired his concern that we don't fight, D and I had a major argument yesterday. Go figure! I don't want to air my dirty laundry in (blogging) public but suffice to say it wasn't pleasant. I said things I shouldn't have said and honestly I still don't regret saying them to him, at all. I figure it stems more out of frustrations and misunderstanding instead of irritation for each other's inadequacies. (nag analyze pa) Anyway I won't dwell on it much further, the issue is best resolved between the both of us and not discussed on a blog which he doesn't read naman.

In other news:
1) I got the misalettes na, today. But I still don't know who the officiating priest will be since the Church still hasn't assigned one yet for our wedding. (Nice going!)

2) D finally bought a raw silk/jusi barong for the nuptials. It was fun making him try several barongs before he finally chose one to his liking. (Very meticulous pala siya!)

3) I had a satisfactory consultation with my hair and make up artist (naks, feeling artista!). A bubbly gay person who gave me several suggestions for my appearance based on the climate for that day, my earrings as well as the beading work on my gown. (Kaaliw!)

4) I'm done (with the help of my ever dependable sister) with the 'packaging' of the giveaways. We have attached the tags, the stickers for all the giveaways both for the guests as well as the special gifts exclusively for our ninongs/ninangs (We have 3 pairs)

5) We (D and I) have dealt with several wrinkle inducing snags with regards to the delivery of our appliances and furniture. This topic along deserves at least 2 long posts filled with contempt for the inefficiency and the lack of proper coordination between their central office and their warehouse staff. It has been quite a terrible nightmare, I tell you. (palpak palagi!)

All I say is Ay naku all these last minute preparations and major unpleasant circumstances are making me really stressful but there is really no time to rest my weary soul. I hope the body scrub and the appointment at the nail spa which I've scheduled next week will work its magic on me!

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