Monday, May 05, 2008

On to more less depressing news
I'm just going to recap my hectic sked these past few days sans the melodramatic emotional outbursts.
  • I got my gown from the designer who upon seeing me wear it said "para kang ikakasal" ("you look like a bride") Touche! I never let on that I was the bride lest he charged me an exorbitant fee which will surely bankrupt me for life. I simply said I was attending a wedding. I saw one of his designs at the mall, loved the style and wanted it designed according to my measurements in off white hue. Clever trick, right? Anyways I got it this past Saturday. It was designed according to my instructions flimsy sleeves and all (much to my chagrin but I need to comply with the Church dress code). Somehow I felt I looked fat and kept asking my sister in stuttering French "do I look like a beached whale?" To which she remarked several times "no you don't, in fact you look too thin, you should start eating more to fill up the gown". But I persisted and kept whining that I knew she was going to start slapping me just to hush me up. Teehee. I will try it again later and if I feel uncomfortable I will have it altered yet again. :D

  • Our first furniture (c/o my very generous parents) was delivered to our house, last Saturday as well. A four seater dining set made of light brown oak wood, made in Malaysia. Rectangular shape, small enough to fit in our tiny living room area but big enough for up to 6 people to squeeze themselves in.
    The good part is that they delivered it on time well ahead of sked really. They said anytime from 1 to 5 pm, Saturday. By 12:45pm they called D and said they were already there so he had to rush from his place to our apartment to accept the delivery. The not so good part is that upon closer scrutiny, D discovered one of its legs had scratches and the other parts needed retouches. So here's the thing, if a customer orders in good faith, pays for the purchase in full won't the decent thing to do would be to closely inspect the product to make sure it was up to par? It is simple as that, right? Instead of having the customer call up the store again to resked another inspection by their warehouse team then determine what needs to be done which further merits another visit which needs to be squeezed into our busy sked!
    Oh well as I write this post, D texted me that the furniture guys are on their way so hopefully everything gets to be settled in an amicable manner. Or else they will feel the full wrath of my katarayan, something that I need to work on with proper guidance from D. He functions on the principle that it is useless to further stress yourself over a situation already stressful enough on its own. Well something to that effect. =)

  • Still on the topic of squeezing in 'unnecessary' activities on top of our already tight sked, the Church still hasn't set a date for our Canonical interview. I was under the impression that I was to be informed of the date and time of our 'sermon' based on the sked of the priest. I go there Friday to pay for the remaining balance of our wedding fees and I was asked by the person in charge have you had your interview yet? I answered demurely (not in mataray fashion, take note!) well not yet I am still waiting for your call. So far, we have postponed D's tentative lipat (move) to our place as well as the delivery date for our new appliances for 2 reasons: (1) the streets were being dug up due to some maintenance works c/o of Manila water and (2) we were patiently waiting for the set date of our interrogation.
    So instead of firmly setting a date, he tells us OK I will check Father's sked on Monday (today) and perhaps it can be set either Tuesday or Wednesday. What do you mean PERHAPS??? Ay Naku! So the waiting game continues! Arghhhhh.

  • Lastly don't you just dislike it when you text/email people asking about their services and either they don't reply right away or they don't reply at all? What's the use of advertising your products/services online complete with a flashing cellphone number and/or your email address when you no longer use said number, you hardly check your inbox regularly or you take your own sweet time replying back? In my book that is not a good way to conduct business. Unfortunately it is something I have learned to accept dealing with establishments here in our beloved country. Inefficiency, no follow up service, incomplete details, no sense of professional standards. Thanks for adding up to my already high stress levels, ha. It is much appreciated, NOT!

  • Alright enough ranting for today, time to make more phone calls!

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