Thursday, May 08, 2008

Interrogation este Interview pala
Finally finally our canonical interview pushed through yesterday. Boy that was quite an eye opener. Reverend Father N, the parish priest where we will get married next week probed and poked extensively asking us really thought provoking questions. I was the first one 'grilled' followed by D then the both of us, together.

Conclusion: we passed the interview.
His main concern/worry: We have never fought or had any major arguments!
He asked D: "What if we suddenly had to face a major problem/crisis during our marriage, would we be able to handle it?"
D gave him some standard line but he kept probing till he got a satisfactory (in his books) answer. Well I guess Father N does have a valid point but we managed to convince him we will handle arguments, maturely.
He remarked "Alright I hope no I will pray that if ever a problem crops up it won't be powerful enough to break your marriage"

Geeez yikes thanks po Father ha for being optimistic about our chances of surviving conflicts!

But overall the interview was OK more like a little chit chat with an authoritative figure. It was casual yet formal at the same time. He could tell we have a mature approach towards our expectations in marriage and life itself. But did you know that ultimately he could make or break a wedding? He told us that so far he has already rejected 2 couples from pushing through with their wedding. He deemed they weren't ready, one party was being forced to marry due to an unwanted pregnancy, another couple were too young and immature to handle marriage. When he told us that I was thinking so they have to cancel all their bookings??? What if they only had a week before their special day? Grabe naman, di ata fair yun, di ba?

Anyways that part is over and done with, we "passed"! I can now concentrate on making myself as relaxed as humanely possible before I face the firing squad. Hehehe A tall order really since we still have a million things to do mostly with regards to furnishing and moving our things into our new apartment!

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