Monday, May 12, 2008

Time off
Because I am such a big fan of the reality show "Survivor", I am putting everything on hold for 2 hours this afternoon so I can catch its season finale.
Nothing beats watching crumbling alliances, backstabbing comments and the vitriol which will be unleashed by the members of the jury during the final tribal council where they will vote for the sole survivor.

Besides I need a break from stressing myself out from the countless problems which suddenly cropped up like wild mushrooms few days before my nuptials! Everything from guests not RSVPing, guests inviting themselves and wanting to bring extra people I never knew existed, adding extra seats for the lunch to accommodate uninvited guests to get this, you ready? The mother of the groom deciding at the very very last minute she wants to attend the wedding of her beloved son by making a grand entrance, she will be arriving on the eve of the wedding! Now isn't that irritatingly convenient???

Goodness gracious me, Lord have mercy!

Time to de-stress!

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