Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Before the date changes ...
... I want to summarize briefly kuno the dramatic moments I dealt with today!

D was late as usual for the appointed time so we got stuck in horrendous traffic to get to the freaking airport to fetch his mother who arrived today. Poor Mama had been waiting for almost 30 minutes and thought she had been abandoned or forgotten by us. Of course, I distinctly blamed her beloved son for being tardy. My heart broke when I laid my eyes on her. She is a frail 78 year old woman who endured 16 hours on her flight home just to make it for her son's nuptials. But she was/is still very much alert, independent minded, stubborn, very chatty narrating her numerous life experiences in an animated manner and quite emotional that she cries at the drop of a hat. Now such scenes utterly break my heart. So I almost forgot all the hours we got stuck in traffic getting to the airport then going all the way to Project 8 in Quezon City. My dearest sister is a saint for being such a patient driver. But I reckon I won't hear the end of her sermon on how D showed up really late to fetch his dear mother from the airport. *sighs*

Me in my infinite and sometimes puzzling belief in his good moral character was angry, at first. I gave him the silent treatment when he finally showed up and while we were stuck in traffic. Then eventually out of the blue, I got over my anger somewhere between Pasay and Paranaque. I mean after all, he is really fatigued from attending to all those wedding requirements, moving into the house, dealing with all the needed repairs and trying to find a semblance of order in all this big chaotic mess. He has already lost so much weight. I worry terribly for his well being and the toll on his health. If my own blood pressure is at elevated levels, I can only imagine how much more his readings are! Especially now that he has to deal with such a highly emotional sometimes irrational mother who likes to get her own way. So I do cut him some (oh alright a lot of) slack and really dislike it when I have to keep defending his failings against my family. These past few days I've been thinking that we might have been foolish to think we could plan a wedding and move in at the same time but I guess it is much too late in the game to second guess ourselves by now.

The day ended on a high note since I managed to (barely) make it to my nail spa appointment. I had a soothing mani/pedi session. I'm not really a big fan of pedicures since I don't like people touching my feet but I gave in to my sister's demand that I relax and get my hands, legs and feet massaged, caressed and polished into happy digits and happier feet.

Thank God for nail spas to redeem the day! =)

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