Friday, July 11, 2008

Usually during D's day off we tend to do certain experiments. By experiment I meant in the kitchen, alright? I better clarify, people might get the wrong idea. ;-)

So yesterday after we bought the necessary ingredients, we decided to try cooking molo soup. D insisted on chopping the onions and the carrots into tiny squares. He did it against my wishes because he won't let me handle the sharp knife after I had a bloody encounter, a few weeks ago. I accidentally cut my finger while chopping onions. It was a rather deep cut and it bled for several hours. But it is fine now. The scar has mysteriously disappeared.

So anyways, I mixed the ground beef, ground pork, the carrots and onions together. Added some grounded black pepper, pinch of salt then blended them with 1 raw egg. Afterwards, I proceeded to place small portions of the mixture in the molo wrapper. I made sure they looked like dumplings which wasn't easy to do!. Meanwhile D sauteed onions and garlic in a pot with water along with 1 Knorr chicken cube. When it was boiling, he dropped the molo dumplings into the broth. D added the extra molo wrapper which he had cut into tiny strips.

Voila our molo soup was ready for dinner. I admit it needed some more seasoning but hey it was an experimental labor of love meticulously prepared by two people. One master chep and his alluring assistant cook. Yes I am merely relegated to 'cook' status but at least I am alluring! =)

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