Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I CONFESS: A wedding anecdote
One of the requirements (among numerous) for the Church wedding was to hear confession at least 2 days before the D day. But we were swamped left and right with making final arrangements for the wedding, moving to our new place and picking up my mother in law from the airport. So after I had checked in at the Holiday Inn, Galleria the day before my wedding, I headed to the Edsa Shrine to confess my sins.

The thing is I haven't confessed in the longest time. By long I mean 3 decades! So I was hesitant as well as apprehensive because (1) I might be berated to high heavens (2) I had no idea how to confess and (3) my sins have amounted to a long list!

Anyways the night before I talked with D and my sister and they more or less told me what to do, how to do it and just encouraged me to go for it! After all I only had 1 day to go before my wedding and it was imperative I come clean. I wanted to make my confession while there was a mass so that I could go in, confess and then leave asap without drawing attention to myself. I got there just in time for the communion part, I head straight to the confessional. I come face to face with a young priest who surprisingly was very accommodating and didn't admonish me for the tons of sins I've accumulated through the years. Phew I was relieved that it was finally over!

The next day I was bright and cheerful for my nuptials. I got there early. I made small talk with my guests, my groom and my relatives. At 9:45 AM, the sacristan told us to get ready as the officiating priest was already waiting. I turn to take a peek at the priest who will marry me and D and what do you know? It was the priest I had confessed to the previous day. Quel horror!!! I started sweating from embarrassment. A few minutes before the mass started, I told D and he started laughing his heart out. To say that I was very uncomfortable during the entire nuptial Mass is an understatement. But it is still a funny wedding anecdote I will keep repeating to anyone who cares to listen.

Today is our 2nd wedding monthsary! Yay! =)

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