Thursday, July 24, 2008

Food galore

Nowadays all I can think of is food, food and more food.
I've been bolder in my attempts to venture into the one place in the house I always treated as mine field - the kitchen. Well with our small place, there is no way I can avoid the cuisine! (French for kitchen) So I cook or rather I experiment with whatever ingredients I have in the frigo (French for refrigerator) and dish out edible meals. Thankfully, my husband is all praise when I cook and politely compliments my cooking. Bless him.

As I type this entry, I am munching on delicious suman and espasol from Batangas. Delicacies courtesy of my sister who went on a fam trip to Lipa City and its environs, recently. At night I even dream of places where I want to eat when we go out like Pho Hoa, Teriyaki Boy, Max's, Kaya Korean Restaurant, Pancake House etc. It is a very long salivating list.

No wonder I had difficulty fitting into my favorite jeans, today!


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