Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lumalapad ka ata, anak
That's what my mother told me yesterday when I met her in church for the first Friday mass. Hmmm I have not seen my dear mother in less than a month and she tells me I've gained weight?


On the contrary I lost weight because I got sick. But it was useless arguing with her. Maybe it was her way of fishing if I was already expecting. I don't think I am just yet. But who knows? (Abangan!)

But can you blame me if I did?
The culprit would be my husband's cooking. I even joke and call him my world class chep (instead of chef!)

So instead of sulking over my extra pounds, I did what every woman should do - beautify myself by indulging in a refreshing hair spa and getting a trim as well.
Nothing beats having your hair massaged with some great hair products to produce smooth, silky straight as a feather hair. It did wonders for my self esteem! Not that I necessarily admit I have added some pounds because I firmly believe I haven't.

Enough said!

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