Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm beginning to dislike Fridays
I don't know what it is about Fridays but traffic jams are really really horrific. Now throw in it being the first day of the month, pay day, gimmick day and First Friday then all hell breaks loose. I wish I stayed home instead of venturing out on a day when all the reasons I mentioned above converge on a single day.

But since I am a First Friday mass devotee I had to get up early, make myself presentable to go forth into town. Our modus operandi is for D to drop me off at my former residence then head off to work then pick me up after he's done with his classes. By dropping me off I mean taking a taxi since we don't have a car.

We were already in the Ortigas area when the accident happened!

Our taxi was approaching a busy intersection when a FX rammed straight into us. Our driver abruptly swerved to the left and hit at full speed a no left turn sign post. The FX hit the front right side (passenger side) of our taxi. D's side! But luckily D was seated at the back beside me. He was able to cushion the impact with his stretched arm. Me on the other hand, I didn't see it coming so my whole body jerked forward and I slammed the left side of my face against the driver's seat. My eyeglasses were flat against my face (What a day to be lazy to wear my contact lenses!). But I managed to sit back and didn't really hurt myself that much. We got out, paid the driver and left him there on the street to argue with the FX driver. We managed to get another taxi to reach our destination(s). It was only when I got home and told my parents and sister about the accident that I realized I had a slight dent on my cheekbones on the left side of my face which was promptly 'iced' to relieve the swelling. Very minor swelling. It isn't noticeable at all but it is a bit sore when touch it. Later in the evening on our way home we got caught in really horrible traffic on Edsa. It took us 2 hours to get to Project 8! Ugh!!!

The only good thing about today is I heard First Friday Mass. I was even chosen to bring the offertory to the altar. Thus I received a blessing from the officiating priest. I thanked the Lord almighty for protecting me during the accident.
I was thankful the accident was 'minor'.
I was thankful the taxi didn't swerve to the opposite lane where we could have been hit by oncoming vehicles.
I was also thankful I didn't hit my head against the window.
I was also thankful that D didn't get hurt at all.

I am still a bit shaken but nonetheless simply very very thankful!

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