Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The key to a happy marriage
Yes I know I make it sound like I've been married for a long time when it has only been barely 3 months of marital bliss.

But indulge me, OK?

So the way I see it (so far) the trick is to let your husband be the man of the house. Alright before you feminists out there start clamoring for my head, hear me out. I better paraphrase that statement. You must offer to help, insist if you must but gracefully give in after three attempts to avoid petty arguments. All of this 'arguing' must be accompanied with many giggles and done with a good sense of fun.

Let me explain:
Case # 1 - last week I noticed that our bedside table's drawer was a bit crooked. I distinctly remember assembling the said table from scratch so I figured I can easily fix it myself. I get the hammer and proceed to realign the drawer with the rest of the table by banging away at the nails and screws. Yes I caused quite a ruckus. D who was in the other room doing some work at his computer immediately comes to the bedroom and asked what I was up to. I told him the side table drawer was lopsided. He immediately took over even though I insisted I was truly capable of fixing it myself. He won't let me. He hammered away with gusto and gave our bedside table a new lease on its shelf life.

Case # 2 - D has pretty much been independent most of this life. He has lived alone since his family migrated to the US several years ago. So he does everything. He cooks. He cleans. He tinkers with appliances. He fixes leaking faucets. He does carpentry work. He paints. In short he is very self reliant. So he is set in his ways. He likes to do things a certain way.
In this household, we have a game which begins after each meal. It consists of seeing who gets to the sink first - to do the dishes. Since he is taller and much bigger than me, he almost always wins the game. So even though I insist or I offer to help, he won't concede. So why argue, right?

I know and I truly realize that D is truly the exception to the rule. He isn't like the average male specimen! The sort of guy who works all day, comes home to park himself in front of the TV then hogs the remote control. He then expects a hot meal to be ready when his stomach grumbles. He gets up and goes back to the TV not even offering to clear the dishes nor wash them. You know what I'm talking about ... they are in abundant supply in households all over the world.

But surely you must get my point. You should let your man feel like he is needed for various purposes. It will make him feel important as a partner who contributes to the overall upkeep of the household and thus ensuring a stable and happy marriage.

By the way it works both ways too. D isn't tech savvy so he consults me when he has trouble dealing with the technical aspect of his computer. So yes I contribute once in a while and it does make me feel important too. But I admit most of the time I am spoiled rotten by my husband. Bless him! =)

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