Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Fun
Yesterday we managed to reach Binondo Church just in time for the 10am Mass. It was the feast day of San Lorenzo Ruiz. He is the patron saint of seafarers. As well as the saint du jour for September 28. The day my beloved husband was born a little over 4 decades ago. I'd like to add that it was an auspicious day. If he wasn't born then I would have never met him. Hence I'd still be signing documents using the name I was born with.

It was also a nostalgic day for my parents. My mother was baptised in that church. My parents used to work in some building (now sadly decrepit) in the Escolta area. So they were pleased to be reliving their past but lamented the fact that the area has deteriorated in many ways. A far cry from their glory days.

After doing the rounds of the Escolta, Binondo and Santa Cruz area by car courtesy of my ever patient sister who drove us around, we ended up having lunch at a seafood restaurant. The UNO Seafood Wharf to be exact, located in the Escolta area. The restaurant seemed relatively 'newer' compared to the ones located in the Binondo area. It also had ample parking spaces in front. It was actually full but we managed to find a slot. We settled to celebrate D's birthday by feasting on mouth watering dishes. The standard pancit for long life taking center stage on the table.

The next stop was at the fast developing area of the Fort. D hasn't been there so I thought it would be nice to show him around the place. From the overcrowded Market! Market! and the posh surroundings of Serendra to the over ostentatious Bonifacio High Street, it was a pleasant stroll.

We ended the evening with dinner at the Power Plant (Rockwell) branch of Banana Leaf. The restaurant was pretty full because it was a Sunday family night out. The staff were frantically trying to accommodate every customer. It was really hectic, I forgot to take a picture. They were always in a hurry to clear the plates the minute you took that last piece of Chicken Pandan. In their haste, the waiter even spilled some sweet and sour sauce over D's sleeves! It really spoiled our mood but thankfully not our appetite, we filled our grumbling stomachs with Thai cuisine. We all had a good time.

My husband was happy and for me that's all that matters, really! =)

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