Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I guess I was wrong
I've always believed that my husband wasn't the romantic type of guy.

But yesterday he surprised me.

First of all he came home early. A bit too early that I was still taking a shower so the deadbolt lock was still closed. I had to rush out of the bathroom all soapy and wet to let him in.

Secondly he had a pasalubong for me. Jollibee's 2 piece burger steak. The previous day when we went out for grocery shopping, I wanted to have lunch at Jollibee for some strange reason. He told me that it would be too crowded and service would be slow. Besides he said I didn't fit in the Jollibee crowd whatever that meant. So yesterday he passed by Jollibee for takeout.

Thirdly, he had another surprise in the ref. A regular size Zagu (chocolate flavor), one of my favorite beverages. He must have sneaked it into the ref when I resumed my bath. I discovered it when I opened the frigo for a glass of water.

So yes he has a romantic streak in him, after all. A streak which manifests itself in pleasant surprises from time to time. Although I have to add that he still continues to amaze me everyday with his relentless energy to do house chores - even after a long tiring day at work and much against my wishes! But hey alright I won't complaint nor insist if he wants to do the dishes - so be it! =)

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