Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday gift
My hubby will be turning a year older this week.
Sunday, September 28 to be exact.
He will be 4 years old oops I meant 44.
Last week I bought him a sensible gift.
The Nokia 2626, the most basic no frills cellphone I could
find in the market to replace his really.old.cellphone.
Now before you guys tell me how cheap of me!
Let me explain.
D has simple taste.
He doesn't like flashy gadgets.
I'm sure he will berate me for spending too much on him.
Then he will say his really.old.cellphone still works.
No it doesn't!
I'm fed up with hearing that "user cannot be reached" announcement
everytime I call him.
His really.old.cellphone. has this nasty habit of switching off
whenever incoming calls come in.
So no more excuses!
Oh I ripped this picture off the internet.
I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped his gift.

Our plans is to hear mass at the Binondo Church with my family.
It has been an annual pilgrimage for D to hear mass at that church during his birthdays because San Lorenzo Ruiz is the patron saint for September 28.
Then we will have lunch somewhere in the area.
So if you can recommend a decent place, it would be much appreciated.


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