Friday, September 19, 2008

"We are on our way back to the 'Projects'"
That is what I texted my sister last night who was out on one of her appointments. D and I were in the taxi on our way back to Project 8 from Mandaluyong.

I spent 3 nights away from my husband in the nurturing arms of my family. 3 days enriching my mind with 5 European movies at the Cine Europa. This year, my sister and I watched films from Denmark, Italy, UK, France and Spain during the afternoons. We re-bonded over meals at restaurants I've been craving for quite some time. I had animated conversations over dinner with my parents discussing the crisis of a relative. A family crisis that is causing so much stress for my dear mother. At nights, my sister and I talked nonstop nicely nestled within the comforter of an air conditioned room - until we both fell asleep - in the wee hours of the morning.

I had a great time because I really miss my family a lot. But of course I did miss my loving hubby too. And he did miss me as well. A loving husband who is so self reliant. I was pretty confident he won't starve without my cooking. That I won't come home to a messy place. Basta he managed pretty well without me. Hehehe.

Now excuse me as I have movies to review for my other blog, audio tapes to transcribe for my sister, monetized reviews to compose as well as recipes to cook, undies to clean ... oh you get the picture! I'm out of here. :D

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