Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gift goodies

This year my family gave me really great and practical gift items for my 40th year on earth. My darling D surprised me with this slick device. I say surprise because he has never given me anything since I've known him well except for his unwavering love ... but that's different! hehe :D


The first film we watched together on our brand new DVD player was the horror musical, Sweeney Todd. Our TV is located downstairs (because I refuse to have it in the bedroom - it will be a big distraction) so while watching we had to contend with a series of irritating distractions. The din of passing tricycles and vehicles, the never ending chatter of our neighbors and all kinds of ambient background noise. I thank the person who suggested putting subtitles to DVDS because his clever suggestion made the film viewable enough for us without losing our sanity ala Sweeney Todd.

My family wrapped up this gorgeous bag and filled it with more gift items (perfume, hankies, a dolphin brooch and gift certificates galore!) inside to warm my heart.

Bless them!

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