Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Case of the Missing Ring

Yesterday D comes home.
He changes into his 'house clothes" while I prepare his lunch.
He eats his late lunch at around 2:30 pm.
I go up to resume my online activities.
He comes up as well to get his reading materials.
He asks me if I brought his wedding ring up.
I say no.
He usually puts his ring on top of his cellphone.
We go down to search for his wedding ring.
He distinctly remembers removing it from his finger.
I don't recall seeing it on his finger.
We search everywhere.
I was sweating like crazy.
I give up the search.
He tells me he will continue to look for it.
At this point, I wasn't angry.
Nor was in the mood to continue searching.
I go up to log online again.
After a few minutes, D comes up.
He gives me a tight hug.
He tells me he is very very sorry.
In his words "hindi ko pinag ingatan ang singsing"
I notice a tinge of sadness in his voice.
He is visibly distraught.
It was my first time to see this side of him.
I tell him it's ok it isn't his fault.
Maybe he lost it in the taxi.
Maybe the ring fell when he got his wallet.
Who knows.
I like to reiterate I wasn't angry at all.
I know that these things happen.
I tell him to get on with his readings.
He leaves.
A few hours later I go down to cook dinner.
By this time, D had fallen asleep.
I woke him up twice for merienda.
He didn't budge.
By 7pm I finish cooking sinigang na hipon.
I go up to wake D again.
Before I take my regular evening shower.
After my shower, D is awake.
Yet he is really quiet.
Still very upset over the ring.
If you know D, this silent behavior isn't his usual mood.
I just let him be.
I didn't want to harp on something I knew wasn't his fault.
I go up to dry my hair.
He comes up and sits beside me on the bed.
He is again truly apologetic.
He tries to assess the situation.
Me with my standard "it's ok" line.
He goes down to cook rice for dinner.
I continue drying my hair.
He calls me from downstairs.
Then he rushes up the stairs.
He runs into the room.
Then jumps into the bed.
He holds up his left hand with his wedding ring on his finger!
We end up laughing.
He tells me he is relieved.
He thought I got angry with him.
I told him I wasn't mad at all.

Here's a photo exhibit of where the ring invariably wrapped itself around thus causing stressful moments of panic for both of us. More so for my loving husband than yours truly!

This is a mentos chewing gum pack. Our wedding ring is of white gold variety. Or silver in color. So we didn't notice it conspicuously wrapped around the mentos gum which incidentally has a silver packaging. The picture isn't clear because there was a shadow of my hand taking the picture. But believe me unless you check closely, you won't notice there is a wedding ring attached to that mentos gum.

All's well that ends well in the Fr@nco household with my hubby bright and cheerful again just as I want him to be! =)

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