Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today marks our 6th month as a married couple! Here are 6 random things I've discovered about myself, my husband and our marriage in general.

1. I have learned to cook healthily. Well, it's not like I ever cooked on a daily basis before I got married. But nowadays, I don't use MSG, Patis nor Pork in any of our meals. I have also stopped drinking diet sodas. I make sure I boil ground beef first before I proceed with the recipe. I also take out the 'seeds' of tomatoes before I use it to saute the viands.

2. My hubby tends to snore when he sleeps on his back but the minute he turns on his side, he stops. At first I was quite alarmed when he stopped snoring because I thought he stopped breathing as well.

3. I am still not comfortable sleeping in his arms. That sounds strange, I know. But after a few minutes of cuddling and saying good night to each other, he tends to fall asleep right away. That's when I untangle myself to get to my side of the bed and sleep without any encumbrance.

4. I miss my family more than I care to admit to myself. More so when my sister relocates to Singapore early next year for her career boost.

5. That it is possible to love my hubby more and more each day.

6. That getting pregnant is a lot harder than I ever thought possible!

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