Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Borders UK

One of my favorite activities is to browse at big bookstores. Borders has this huge branch in Singapore and I remember spending hours browsing at their extensive selection of books. I usually hang out in the travel section to check books about travel guides to get relevant information about my next vacation destinations.

Their comprehensive website, borders jan 2009 is neatly compartmentalize into different sections like bestsellers, new releases, books of the month and special offers. Aside from books, they also offer Dvds, Cds, Music, Audio Books, Stationery and Magazine Subscriptions as well as Gifts & Games and Gift cards. They also have a forum section for interactive discussions with other book lovers. The Borders Blogosphere provide informative product/book reviews by fellow bloggers. You can also subscribe to be the first to hear about their special offers, competitions and news by submitting your email.

Thank God for huge bookstores like Borders, their selection of books help fuel our quest for information about events, places and things. Now if only we had enough time to read a book. But that's another story!

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