Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The mental picture in my mind when it comes to my dream house doesn't flash extravagance in big bold letters. I want it to exude practicality, functionality as well as comfort with an essence of cozy and homey vibes.

But for me, I certainly won't mind going overboard by splurging on the bathrooms. I like my bathrooms big and spacious like those exquisite bathrooms you find in luxurious 5 star hotels.
My ideal bathroom would have those transparent sliding door showers along with a large bathtub for bubble baths. Big counter tops to hold all my toiletries, a clean marble sink which contain modern taps with hot and cold water provisions. As well as clearly defined mirrors in all the strategic places. Shiny towel racks and elegant bathroom furniture to enclose all the fresh towels and also some bathroom supplies.

Well you get my drift. Heck if money wasn't an issue I would even place a jacuzzi in my bathroom. A nice warm soak in a bubbly jacuzzi at the end of a tiring day would be oh so very relaxing!

Betterbathrooms.com's website got me all flushed with fresh ideas on how to decorate my dream bathroom(s) in my dream house.

Too bad it is just a dream!

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