Monday, May 18, 2009

Ring-less finger

The day of our 1st wedding anniversary, I woke up to a sky cast with gloomy dark clouds. After praying the rosary and doing some stretching exercises in bed, I felt a sharp throbbing pain on my right hip. Nope it wasn't due to the stretching exercise. Neither was it due to some nocturnal activity. In fact I had no idea why I was in so much pain, I could barely walk straight.

D insisted we just stay home so I could rest the whole day. Me being the stubborn one refused to adhere to his wishes. I hopped around on one leg, made my way down the stairs with difficulty, ate breakfast then drank a capsule of Alaxan Forte. In the hope that the same medicine that the national boxing champ endorses for his muscle aches would work its wonders on my aching hip.

I took a quick shower, dressed up in my new green blouse and new dark brown ballet flats (with jeans and underwear, of course!), put on some light make up, I was raring to go out for our date, much to my dearest hubby's chagrin!

We were in a hurry to catch the noon time mass at the Edsa Shrine. The place where we solemnly exchanged our vows albeit at the adjacent San Lorenzo Ruiz chapel, a year ago. We were already seated comfortably in a taxi, holding hands as usual when I noticed the 'discrepancy' - D wasn't wearing his wedding ring!

At first I thought oh no! it must have slipped from his finger, yet again. So as not to cause any panic, I lifted his left hand and sort of dusted his fingers. He didn't understand what I was doing. He barely even noticed he was ring less. I pointed with my mouth at his bare fingers. He still didn't get it! Ugh. Men!

So I blurted out "you are not wearing your wedding ring!". He shakes his head and swears he forgot because we were in a hurry to leave the house. I kept laughing and teased him endlessly that "today pa of all days, you 'chose' to not wear your wedding ring!!!' How dare you! Don't you love me anymore?"

Needless to say during our entire date, I kept teasing him about it to the point of being silly. He kept apologizing profusely. We had our laughs. The date was fun.

The pain in my right hip has fortunately dissipated. I would just chalk it to the common joint aches and pains one experiences as one ages in glorious light years!

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