Friday, May 29, 2009

Shopping Habits

I'm not a shopaholic. My shopping habits are simple. On the rare occasion that I decide to purchase a clothing item. I examine it. I try it on. If it fits me (meaning: I don't look like a stuffed squid in it), I buy it.

But men are different. Well I can only speak for my hubby. He takes his sweet time. He would canvass different stores. He would examine the merchandise like a CSI agent. Let several days pass by before he decides whether or not to buy the item. Then more often than not, end up not buying it after all.

Well yesterday, he had to reckon with me!

Our original plan was to scout for an appropriate gift for my mother's birthday tomorrow. He made the mistake of actually showing me the clothing apparel he somewhat fancied. So I told him well what are you waiting for? Go try them and let me judge if they look good on you. :D No biggie really since they all look good on him. I don't want to brag but hey he is blessed with a good height and well proportioned body so much so that even a rag would look good on him. So there!

To make a long post short. He ended up buying 1 polo shirt and 1 polo t-shirt and a pair of shoes which I 'picked' for him. Or rather which I deemed suited him best.

I also realized during this shopping expedition why men don't own too many shoes - they cost a fortune!

Goodness gracious.

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