Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Steak, anyone?

Yesterday after I was done with my errands, I found myself at one of my fave malls, The Edsa Shangri-la Plaza.

I'm not a food court person.

But I make exception for this mall's clean, less noisy, less 'smoky' basement location of popular eateries. I have a few usual food hangouts at this particular food court. Reyes BBQ for their Pork BBQ and/or Bangus belly fare complete with java rice and their peanut sauce.
For Korean fast food, I go to Kimchi for their chicken BBQ and/or their Beef Stew which comes complete with beansprouts, plain rice and clear soup.
For snack I like the special goto (with chicharon and egg) at Goto King.

Yesterday though I was in the mood for some juicy steak. It has been ages because I've been watching my diet, kuno. I naturally headed for the House of Minis. Their complete steak meals include plain rice, few pieces of veggies and corn soup. The mini steaks are served on a hot plate which sizzles when you pour yummy gravy. The more gravy, the better! You choose whether you want them rare, medium rare or well done. The best thing though is they are quite affordable. I was really devouring my Fillet Mignon (served with bacon) with gusto while desperately trying not to think about my so called diet. =)

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