Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ang sarap ng weekends!

Weekends are pretty much welcomed in this household. Well particularly for me! It is the time when D is home and he completely takes over the household chores.

Yes I'm mighty spoiled that way. Bless him!

As most of my friends can attest, I'm not really the domesticated diva type. But since I got married and with D at work till evenings, I've more or less lived up to the task. The task of experimenting with recipes, dusting, washing dishes, doing light laundry (the rest we simply call our friendly laundry shop to take care of our dirty linens). At the same time trying to stay online for a number of Internet activities.

Multitasking is the key!

A task I'm slowly learning. I say slowly because there were instances where I was so engrossed in front of the computer, I forgot I was heating the mushroom soup. When I finally rushed down there was soup all over the 2 burner stove and hardly any left for my lunch. Geez.

I like to think that this running up and down the stairs keeps me fit. Although every time I see my dear mother (I see her like once a week and she keeps saying the same thing!) she would always amusingly comment that I'm turning into a cute lil ball of fat in all the wrong places. Then she will say that married life suits me as though that would console my "chubby" feelings.

So perhaps I am in denial? :D

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