Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My comfort zone

When we were still dating and planning our married life, D was a bit worried about leaving me all alone while he had to work long hours. I told him that as long as I have my computer and get to connect to the Internet, I'm a happy clam. =)

A little over a year ago, I distinctly recall how excited I was to set up my computer in the second bedroom of our rented apartment. I was sweating a lot because the room gets its fair share of the blazing afternoon sun. D took over in setting up the complicated phone lines from the lower floor all the way up to the second bedroom. He was very organized in making sure the unsightly wires were neatly tucked along the contours of the walls. To this day, I am constantly amazed with his organizational skills to make the house 'appear' clutter free.

As you can see in the picture, my computer table has a functional appearance. I only have the bare essentials on the counter top. The LCD monitor, the Canon printer. Plus my cup of coffee, a bottled mineral water, D's glasses (which he forgot to bring to work today!). My writing materials are in the lower shelf along with some Dvds I have yet to watch.

You also have D's computer space, a library full of over spilling books, an electric fan, D's golf clubs and some fitness contraption which is gathering dust - all jostling for space in the small room. But it is well ventilated from the natural breeze which seeps through the large windows and as I've mentioned above, it can get really sunny and a bit humid during the afternoons. Yet it is definitely my comfort zone.

Most of the time, you will find me seated in front of my computer multitasking online and completely spaced out. So I got my wish and I am happy in my little sanctuary. D has nothing to worry about except maybe the messy stove with all the nasty spilling of food. But I make sure I clean it all up before he gets home so I'm safe! :D

By the way, this is my entry to Caryn's birthday giveaway.

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