Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pasalubongs Galore

I have a huge pile of backlog research materials (for my sister) waiting to be edited and emailed but the fish I am supposed to fry for lunch is still frozen so what better way to spend the time than to blog!

When my sister emailed me to ask what I wanted as pasalubong from the Lion City, my only requests were instant Miso soups (I adore them) and a couple of Singapura T-shirts for D.

Yet when she unpacked her huge luggage, it was bulging with unexpected pasalubongs! Aside from the requested Miso soups (it looks like she raided an entire convenience store!) and the tees, she surprised us with food items and an assortment of handbags of different sizes and different colors.

I was overwhelmed.

But since I have a very tiny closet and I hardly go anywhere to merit a wide array of handbags, I merely picked two bags to add to my growing collection.

I remember the time when I first moved my things into our apartment over a year ago, D was astonished at the amount of bags I had. Little did he know that I had already trimmed the amount to the very essential ones and left the rest at the condo. Here's a picture of the so called essential ones I desperately try to stuff into our very limited closet space. I purposely took them out for the photo shoot. :D

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