Tuesday, September 15, 2009

16 months

Today marks our 16th month of marital bliss. Naturally it takes two to make a marriage work but I'd like to think that I am indeed very lucky to be married to such an understanding person. Someone who knows that I'm a certified foreign film festival addict so he doesn't mind if I sleep in the condo so I am just 10 minutes away from my favorite cineplex. Someone who knows I am extremely close to my sister so he allowed me to spend all the 10 days she was in town for some fabulous sisterly bonding moments. Someone who is self reliant he won't starve if I don't cook his meals when I'm not around.

And I do relish these moments of alone time with such glee. Well I'm not really alone alone because I have my parents around!

But still.

As opposed to the apartment we rent which to me is just a house, I actually STILL consider the condo, home. I still have tons of personal items scattered about and it makes me feel comfy. Since my sister left behind her old laptop (the one I'm now using to type this post), I can now connect to the Internet and do my online activities. I also like how it is centrally located so I can just go down to reach my fave haunts within a few minutes. The quiet surroundings (no pesky noisy neighbors) is also a big factor in preserving my sanity.

Anyways, yes I'm indeed lucky D is such a caring, adorable and understanding hubby. I love being married to him!

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