Monday, September 28, 2009

After the deluge ... comes a day of thanksgiving

D normally doesn't have class on Saturdays. But this whole week has been their university's intrams so he was scheduled to play a basketball game being a member of the Department of History team. It was raining the whole night and I was a bit concerned about letting him go to his game. Well we all know how Saturday turned out to be the worst deluge the Philippines has experienced since 1967.

Luckily, D's game was postponed and he was here at home with me when the flood waters rose to alarming levels on our street. The house in front of us had neck deep waters and its residents took refuge in our 'compound'. We weren't spared as the heavy downpour caused some minor flooding inside our 2 storey apartment. By midday, it had risen to ankle level but thankfully it would subside quickly as the rains trickled.

Sunday we spent the morning wiping our lower floor dry as well as cleaning the contents of the fridge. The good thing is that we didn't lose our electricity although the phone lines were jammed. I kept calling my parents from my cellphone to check on their situation since they were enveloped in darkness for almost 24 hours but they were relatively safe in their 12th floor condo unit.

Today as the entire family heard the 12:15 am mass at the Edsa Shrine, we praised God for his loving protection and prayed for the rest of the populace who are still submerged in flood waters. Besides it was D's 40something birthday today so we had a simple lunch at Mr Choi in Galleria to celebrate his natal day. Happy birthday, my love!

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