Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday a Facebook message from the US brought really sad news. We were told my father-in-law passed away peacefully on October 12, 2009. He was 95 years old.

D was home to hear the sad news. I immediately broke down in tears while reading the message. Totally inconsolable even though I admit I have never met Papa Wel in person. But from the numerous stories that D narrates about his father, I'm certain he was a good human being. I could also tell from the numerous birthday and Christmas cards he mailed D throughout the years that he was a caring person.

Throughout the day, I kept receiving text messages from my mother and my sister who would ask me "how is D taking it?" I told her to my surprise, D seems rather calm to the point of being stoic while I was an emotional wreck. My mother said he might be hiding his emotions to put on an appearance of strength amidst sadness. This made me realize that we all grieve differently.

Please pray for his eternal repose. RIP, Papa Wel.

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