Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A double surprise

Last Tuesday night (Sept. 29, 2009) I was watching TV downstairs when my cellphone rang. It was my mother. My heart actually skipped a beat! Why would my mother call at such a late hour?

Well she had happy news.

My sister was coming home for a short visit before she heads to Bangkok for a business trip. I was ecstatic. The best thing is she would be celebrating her birthday here with us. Actually she wanted to surprise us and just show up at the condo but she no longer had the keys to enter the place if no one was home.

The ironic thing is that we had sent a balikbayan box of birthday goodies to my sister via fedex with instructions for it to be delivered to her flat on October 2nd, her birthday! It turns out my sister won't be home to receive it. So she was surprised as well.

Anyways she was here for merely 4 whirlwind days filled with shopping sprees and loads of sister bonding time and before we knew it ... it was time to send her off at the airport with hugs and kisses!

When I got back here at the condo (I'm currently here for this entire week during the duration of the Spanish Film Festival at Greenbelt 3 cinemas) I immediately felt her absence and sadly realized how much I really really really miss having my sister around to hang out with. But I'm reassured with the thought that in two months time we will be spending the Yuletide holidays in Singapore with her!

I wish it was December NOW NA!

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