Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Christmas cheers

Just a few more weeks and Christmas will be upon us! Time does fly, doesn't it? Another year is drawing to a close, yet again.

I got exactly a week before D and I head for Singapore so I've been practically running all over town for last minute errands. It is difficult to maintain two households as I've been shuttling between the condo and our apartment here in Project 8. Making sure every bill has been paid, canceling newspapers/magazine subscriptions, doing laundry, then some packing but I keep changing my mind about what to bring, what not to bring hehehe. I'm tired! It doesn't help that my monthly cramps contributes to my cranky, sleepy state of mind. But still I try to be upbeat about the trip and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing my sister again.

Here's more pictures of the Christmas displays at the malls where I managed to do some Christmas shopping for my immediate family.

Dora the Explorer takes center stage at the Robinson's Galleria branch.

At Trinoma, they have these giant Christmas trees dangling from the ceiling. Actually they look like giant cocoons if you ask me but that's just my cranky, twisted mind talking!

This giant Christmas tree stands prominently at the Landmark entrance of the Trinoma Mall. The one located near the supermarket and food court.

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