Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Early Christmas gift

The saga continues vis a vis the numerous tests I need to undergo to determine my chances of motherhood. Today, I had what is known as HSG or a hysterosalpingogram. It is really an unpleasant procedure to determine any blockage in the fallopian tubes. I won't get into the gory details suffice to say it is painful and there is general discomfort which I would associate with really bad monthly cramps. The thing is I don't get cramps at all during my regular cycle so I feel really sore. Thank God for painkillers!
But hey the good news is that neither of my tubes are blocked! Unfortunately, I still need several more tests before I am 'successful'. And believe me, I'm certainly NOT looking forward to them next year but such is the journey of my life nowadays just to create a new life.

But this horrible day complete with horrendous traffic was capped by an early Christmas gift I got thru the postal office. Remember the blog contest I won c/o of Caryn? Well I got the package today! The bag of goodies includes a lovely black t-shirt, a book cover, a tote bag and zany kitkats!

Thanks Caryn for making my day easier to bear! =)

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