Friday, February 05, 2010


We were in HongKong exactly a year ago to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary.

This year after we heard First Friday Mass, we had Chinese food in a restaurant located at the 2/F Atrium wing of Megamall. Its name H.K. Choi. It serves Hong Kong style food. The seating arrangement is quite spacious. It has brightly lit interiors with gold plated rotating lamps. You get a clear view of the San Miguel office amidst the Ortigas skyline. Its placemat clearly states "less salt, less oil, less sugar, no vetsin." Verdict, the food was a bit bland for our taste. But we (just me and my parents as D had work) nevertheless celebrated the fact that my parents have now been married for 42 years. Naturally, there have been ups and downs in their marriage. Yet laughter is a big factor in keeping them young at heart. Bless them! =)

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