Sunday, February 07, 2010

I love museums (part three)

Our Singapore Pass included free admission to the Asian Civilisations Museum. But we got there with only ONE hour to spare before closing time.

Asian Civilisations Museum

Admission charges may vary during special exhibitions
Individual Admission Adults $8.00
Concession* $4.00
* full-time students and those 60 years and above

Asian Civilisations Museum

This exhibit piqued my interest so I went directly to see it. Unfortunately pictures were not allowed inside this specific exhibit. Besides I didn't want to waste my precious time snapping away. The items were part of a private collection as well as pieces from the Ayala Museum.

Land of the Morning Exhibit at the Asian Civlisations Museum

I always get this surreal feeling whenever I see exhibits featuring the Philippines in a foreign country. They give visitors a glimpse into our rich cultural heritage so it makes me feel proud to be a Filipino. Yet at the same, I get a sense of how come I can bring myself to visit museums while traveling yet find it a waste of time to visit them in Manila. Hehe :D

Yes I love museums

I wished we had more time to visit museums but there are just too many attractions all vying for our attention. For instance, this exhibit would have been interesting to see. Yet again the Philippines was featured this time at the Singapore Arts Museum.

An exhibit at the Singapore Art Museum

So we simply posed in front of them.

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

D at the SAM Singapore At Museum

While over at the National Museum of Singapore an exhibit about Egypt was the main attraction.

One of the featured exhibits at the National Museum

Unable to visit due to time constraints didn't stop me from snapping away from every angle. :D

National Museum of Singapore

A sculpture beside the National Museum

Another angle of the National Museum

Voila, the chronicles of my Singapore vacation ends with this museum post. Now I take some time off from blogging. My dear sister is in town so it's sibling bonding time! =)

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