Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Projeks

After a week of sister bonding moments filled with shopping sprees, eating out till we burst, watching dvds late at night and sleeping in a room with aircon at the condo, I'm back home. Home being Project 8, Q.C. Or "The Projeks" as I sometimes fondly refer to it. I had fun. I miss having my sister around.

Meanwhile D was left alone for roughly 8 days to fend for himself. But given that he is self reliant and can manage by his lonesome self, I wasn't feeling too guilty about it. Hehe After long working hours, his way to relax is to play games, online. Sometimes, he stays up way past his bedtime playing poker on his computer. So I'm pretty sure he will find this interactive online gambling website quite interesting. It is a comprehensive guide to online casino and gambling sites which include games like poker, blackjack, Roulette among others.

Hopefully his 'addiction' to the game won't get worse. I worry he loses precious sleep and will be less energetic to focus on the main tasks. But I figure I should be thankful I know for sure where he is in the evenings instead of checking up on his whereabouts, every second. Not that I do that, I'm NOT the nagging, possessive type of wifey! :D

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