Saturday, March 20, 2010

Balanced Diet

Now that I am more health conscious (Naks!) I try to maintain a balanced diet. Most of our viands are either fish (those low in mercury content), chicken (without the skin and which we boil twice to get rid of the fat) or lean cuts of beef (preferably those without fat).

We also incorporate veggies in our weekly regimen. Our favorites are green leafy ones like kangkong, pechay and cabbage. Normally we would just stir fry them with onions and garlic or mix them with ground beef (which are boiled twice as well).

I also never forget to celebrate vitamins and make it a point to take them after breakfast. They aid in supplementing our food intake and I certainly feel more 'upbeat' after I've taken them! Oh and breakfast for me is a cup of coffee along with pandesal with various palaman like cheese, liver spread, tuna or scrambled eggs - not all at the same time, though!

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