Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quotable quote

While having lunch today, I was glued to CNN. They were featuring a tribute to one of their cameramen who succumbed to cancer. In fact, she was a woman. A feisty and brave person named Margaret Moth. She went through several death defying moments in her line of duty, but she never gave up and faced each challenge with a joie de vivre that is quite exemplary. The homage was entitled: "Fearless to the End" and you can read parts of the interview in this article. In the course of the homage, she uttered this statement:

"Life is like a game of tennis. You can't control how the ball comes to you ... but it's the way you hit it back that counts."

This quote resonated strongly with me. She is absolutely right. I know what she meant since I used to play tennis, ages ago. I admit I wasn't a good player and sometimes I would thoroughly miss hitting the ball. Maybe perhaps that's why I have a difficult time accepting hurdles and challenges that seem to come my way? Who knows? Well I've resolved to be firmer. This time I vow to hit that ball way harder than I've ever hit it. So watch out and good luck to me! =)

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