Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bedroom Antics

This past weekend, we started scheming the new set up to our bedroom. D (bless him) can truly be relied to do something once he sets his heart on it. He started by dusting the furniture. He also painstakingly wiped the dust from every single book on the book shelf. Then he mopped the entire floor. After that, he made sure it was dry before he positioned the bed and the other furniture in their proper places. It took him the entire afternoon until early evening but he effectively accomplished the task. Bravo!

And where was I during this entire tedious process, you ask??? :D

Well I was in the other room doing my tasks, online. Once in a while I would peek inside to give him a glass of water so he won't be dehydrated. Then I cooked Sinigang with Tanigue and loads of veggies for dinner.

So it's not like I was totally useless, ha!

Besides even if I wanted to help him, he kept forcing me out of the bedroom since he knows (1) I tend to have sneezing attacks from the dust. (2) I can easily sweat up a storm just by standing in an airless room for a few seconds. Yes I know he spoils me rotten that's why I <3 him, dearly. =)

Everything turned out just as we envisioned it to be in our minds. We simply need to set up the TV and the cable wires so it can reach upstairs. Then perhaps I can find a suitable bed side lamp at any lighting sale to complete the homey, cozy vibe of our love nest. =)

Updated on March 4, 2010:
Pictures of our bedroom home entertainment system.

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