Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Glittery Gold

Back in the days when we still lived in Dubai, one of my favorite places to visit was the Gold Souk. That tiny enclave housed rows and rows of shops selling gold jewelry, trinkets and everything 'golden'. It was also one of the places we would take first time visitors for a pleasant stroll to have a glittery experience.

There were a few times when we would be bold enough to enter one of the shops to admire their wares. Of course, I did buy an earring, a ring or two but hardly wear them nowadays here in the not so safe streets of our beloved nation. I don't have a black belt in karate to fend off snatchers, mind you! So it is better to just keep them in my jewelry box to eventually serve as heirlooms in the distant future.

But it never occurred to me to buy gold bars. Gold prices are currently benefiting from the weak dollar. They have even reached an all time high since January of this year. They are the perfect investment during these harsh economic times.

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