Sunday, March 07, 2010


I'd admit that before I got married, I hardly did any cooking. But I was the official food taster of the family. Meaning, my mother would holler for me to taste whatever she was cooking and ask my advice if it needed more seasoning. Back then, my taste buds would veer towards the salty variety. So it took a bit of adjustment on my part when I got married. My hubby has a rather bland style of cooking. He doesn't use any patis, just a dash of salt and pepper to season food. But the sooner I realized that a low sodium diet was beneficial to my health, the more I appreciated his cuisine.

The first time we went to the grocery story as husband and wife, I had a difficult time picking items from my list. I wanted to stick to my budget without compromising on quality. For example, cooking oils, there are a wide variety of them in the market, I didn't know which one to purchase.

Then when we consulted my OB-GYN, she nicely but firmly advised me to lose some weight to better my chances of conception. I've been exercising for 15 minutes every other day. I don't want to make bigla! And along with a couple of fertility medications, I've been sticking to a strict diet of regimen.

Good news is lately I've noticed that I need to firm up my belt to an extra notch, ergo I've INDEED lost some weight. Hurray! =)

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