Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Comfortable in my own Skin

I've never been a vain person. When I get up in the morning, I just bunch up my unruly hair (without even combing it, mind you!) then clip it with a large hair accessory (not sure what it is called). I just wash my face with some facial cleanser then I'm set for the day.

I was never a pimply adolescent even though back then I had really oily skin. Then amazingly, when I reached my late 30s, the pimples just started popping up! Talk about much delayed reaction from my hormones! It was unbearable. I was miserable. So I had to force myself to consult a dermatologist. Thankfully, she was a doctor with gentle hands I hardly felt it when she poked a syringe into my pimples to drain them.

Now that I am in my ahem 40s, I notice some laugh lines crowing around my eyes and my lips. I feel that my skin is less oily and there are some days when it gets really dry. I still maintain a simple skin regimen but at the same time, I'm fully aware that there are a wide range of skin care products at my disposal.

New Skin Care Product Trends

They all have active ingredients that are guaranteed to rejuvenate your neglected skin to its previous glowing glory. There are items to avoid puffy eye bags, creams to get rid of scars, exfoliating products that lessen wrinkles, ointments to avoid acne ... etc and etc - you get the picture.

For me feeling beautiful comes from the inside out. A sense of contentment that emanates from the very core of our soul that spreads beyond your skin. Therefore being blessed with glowing skin is merely an added bonus. But if you are not as fortunate, don't worry there are abundant products to guide you in your quest.

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